Luxriot Technical Support Chat Rules

Follow these simple guidelines to receive assistance in the most efficient way.

Please stick to these simple rules when applying for technical support via WhatsApp in order to receive the best support experience:

  1.  Treat WhatsApp messages as emails: type the whole issue in one message rather than dividing the inquiry into multiple separate messages. E.g., please don’t stop after sending “hi”.
  2. We can’t respond to WhatsApp calls. If voice communication is necessary, please use our official phone numbers listed here:
  3. Also, please don’t send us voice messages. (See #1 and #2 above).
  4.  Describe the issue in detail, as thoroughly as possible, with all available information, including all actions taken in order to try resolving the issue prior to contacting our Support Chat. If there are any error codes or relevant screenshots, please include them as well.
  5. Please remember that the majority of issues can’t be resolved purely via WhatsApp chat since they require investigating Problem Reports, connecting remotely to the sites, or elevating the issues to our developer team. Using WhatsApp as a communication method does not expedite the problem solving process.
  6. Please refrain from using emojis in your messages.
  7. Please don’t spam. Once one of our engineers becomes available, they will respond. 
  8. It will be best if you designate no more than three (3) engineers to have access to WhatsApp chat in order to keep it organized.
  9. Please be nice and respectful.

The ideal inquiry should include the following:

  • Information about the customer (license, customer name)
  • Information about the system (Evo S or Evo Global, software version, number of cameras/servers)
  • Thorough description of the issue
  • What was done in order to try and resolve the issue?
  • Is the issue the same on multiple cameras/servers/clients?
  • Is there a way for us to replicate the issue?

Here are some examples of unqualified inquiries and some proper ones.



Thank you for reading and keeping in mind these simple rules that will help us resolve together any issue in the most efficient way!


Disclaimer: inappropriate inquiries will take longer to resolve and may be left unattended.