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Evolution of video management software
When video surveillance solution is not only about top performing product, but also about superior customer service.
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Video Management Software Luxriot EVO Editions

  • IP camera software Luxriot Evo

    IP camera software Luxriot Evo

    A Complimentary Edition
    While offering all essential features of professional CCTV surveillance system, this is a completely free VMS. Supports up to 9 channels and ideal for SOHO use.
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  • Luxriot Evo S

    Luxriot Evo S

    Single server installation
    Enhance your surveillance system with top performing video management software. Powerful and feature packed this product works nearly with any IP camera.
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  • Luxriot Evo Global

    Luxriot Evo Global

    Enterprise solution
    Complete Enterprise level surveillance ecosystem to meet any security demand. Central server governance will make multiple server administration look easy.
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Luxriot Evo modules and features

Luxriot Evo’s key integral elements work together to create a cohesive and up-to-date piece of VMS software.
When it comes to surveillance, every detail is important, so everything will be taken care of.

Machine Learning Video Analysis Suite
Luxriot Evo offers fully integrated add-on modules for automatic video stream analysis such as Face Recognition, Vehicle License Plate Recognition and Video Content Analysis.
Vehicle License Plate Recognition
Totally redesigned for 2017, The Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recognition Module is fully integrated into the Luxriot Evo eco-system and now supports license plates from over 90 countries over all continents.
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iOS and Android Camera
Dash cam and wearable camera can be rapidly implemented by utilizing iOS or Android built-in smartphone’s camera and full power of Luxriot Evo system.
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Camera Streaming via YouTube Live
Luxriot Evo can now stream any supported cameras via YouTube Live to incorporate YouTube’s great accessibility and durability throughout the vast array of compatible display devices.
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Native MacOS Thin Client software
Luxriot Evo has a native MacOS application to access live and recorded streams to support the ever growing mac-user community.
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