Luxriot Evo Trial

Luxriot Evo Trial is a fully featured FREE version of the newest generation of Luxriot EVO S Video Management System software available for a test drive for 45 days.

Luxriot Evo Trial – reflects the latest advancements achieved in the new generation of Evo S, offering a fast and scalable stand-alone multiple-server solution that truly answers your company’s security needs and includes;

Easy to configure and use

Delivering an outstanding quality performance of EVO S, this security and video IP camera software and surveillance system supports over 15000 cameras and devices from major producers and can scale to hundreds of channels. Luxriot Evo Trial is perfect for small businesses to operate on a trial basis, with surveillance networks of 16 cameras or fewer. The meticulously designed interface will allow any user to quickly understand the entire process of configuration and start using the Video Management System software.

Free product and upgrade

Luxriot Evo Trial is a free product, including full installation manual and an operator’s guide. *

*Luxriot Evo Trial does not include Luxriot technical support services, but has the same features as Evo S. Should you need a permanent license, more video channels or enterprise-level video management system solutions with complete surveillance ecosystem, please refer to more advanced versions of the software — Luxriot Evo S and Luxriot Evo Global.

To advance for a permanent license consider upgrading to Evo S or Evo Global.

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