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Vera Fallmann – Global Marketing

NEW YORK, USA. With support for the now available BLK247 Smart 3D Surveillance System by Leica Geosystems, a Hexagon company, Luxriot® Evo version 1.18.0 is now available for download from With in-depth integration of video and data management, the combination of Luxriot® EVO 1.18.0 and the BLK247 security cameras, will give users access to advanced sensor fusion technology — a combination of edge computing, imagery, and LiDAR—to detect and report physical changes within a space integrated through the latest Luxriot® Evo client user interface.

Users of the integrated technologies will benefit from the extensive video and data management capabilities of Luxriot® Evo to manage dual fisheye camera live streams, real-time video dewarp of panorama or arbitrary zones, and edge-based analytic events of the Leica Geosystems BLK247.

"We now enter into a new age for video security. With Luxriot® EVO 1.18.0, Leica Geosystems now delivers enterprise-level video surveillance solutions for public safety, mining, energy infrastructure, and transportation", says Carl-Thomas Schneider, VP of Business Development at Hexagon Geosystems. "The Luxriot® Evo video management ecosystem and the Leica Geosystems BLK247 3D surveillance capabilities offers the security industry a leap forward in edge computing. Just think about how effective the imagery becomes with LiDAR being able to detect and report physical changes within a 3D space with 1" or better accuracy and big data reporting, all in real-time".

The BLK247 constantly monitors the environment in 3D in any lighting environment including a complete absence of light, thanks to its revolutionary LiDAR, 24MP fish-eye video, and thermal imagery from a quad thermal sensor with AI algorithms on the edge. Combined with the Luxriot® EVO version 1.18,0 advanced features including next-generation metadata communication, dynamic rules engine flexibility, and advanced motion detection which includes object detection and classification, our combined solution marks a new era toward the advancement of security technologies.

Luxriot® Evo version 1.18.0 is now available for download

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Luxriot® is a leading developer of high-performance video and data management solutions, providing superior value to both private and public customers around the globe. Luxriot® Evo is a complete surveillance ecosystem solution for enterprises of any size. Offering the latest engineering advances and all the necessary tools for setting up an absolute situational awareness system, Evo is designed to provide fast and secure processing at any scale.

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